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After Joint Replacement

We see many patients following joint replacement surgery. Now that they have a new joint, they are keen to get the best out of it! In those first few weeks following surgery, it’s important to regain range of movement and to bring the muscles back into action, building power and restoring optimal movement patterns. Ultimately, you want to be fit again, be able to do the things you have missed doing while you have experienced pain and restriction, in other words, be better than before! It’s very helpful if you come to see us for a session before your surgery, so that we can assess how much joint movement you have, and see the overall difficulty you are experiencing. With this information, we can get a better idea of how you will progress following the operation. It also gives us a chance to explain what will be needed post-operatively, and for you to meet us, and feel reassured!

Not everyone comes to see us beforehand, and that’s fine, too. Simply get in touch to arrange an appointment. We normally recommend the first appointment to be a week following the operation, but please phone so we can discuss. How many sessions you will need depends on how much your new joint moves and how much power you need to regain. We will give you a projection of how many sessions and how frequently you should come, on that first post-operative session.


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We have over 50 years of experience working with people, young and old, sporty or less active and with a vast range of physical problems. We can say confidently that we will be able to assess, manage and advise you so that you can get on and continue to enjoy life.

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"I was delighted with the professionalism and friendliness of Advance Physio at Tanworth in Arden. My shoulder was made considerably better buy the attention I received. I liked being treated as an adult with some basic understanding of how the body worked. Informative and never patronising. Everything was done with care and I always felt in very capable hands. Overall, an excellent experience. Thank you."

David W

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