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Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation

There are many incidences where consulting the physiotherapist before your operation is really useful and helpful in gaining the best outcome afterwards. Before joint replacement is one. We can prepare you for what to expect postoperatively, encourage correct muscle activation and movement patterning, so that you are ‘primed up’ and fully aware of the requirements following the operation. We see numerous joint replacements each year, most commonly hip and knee, but occasionally shoulder and ankle too. If we see you beforehand for a session, we can give a more accurate prediction of how much treatment you will need post op, and start you off on exercises to do straightaway.

If you’ve had an operation such as an abdominal procedure, coming to physiotherapy following your normal healing period, can be helpful and allow you to get back to your original hobbies and activities fully fit and strong. Sometimes following surgery, muscle power is slow to return or scar tissue remains painful. Physiotherapy, using techniques such as specific soft tissue massage around the scar area, addressing weak muscles and providing an effective exercise programme, and providing advice on return to sport etc will get you back to normal quickly.

We also see patients after complex surgery, such as tendon transfer, nerve surgery or multi-trauma. Our experience stems from many years working at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


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About Advance Physio

We have over 50 years of experience working with people, young and old, sporty or less active and with a vast range of physical problems. We can say confidently that we will be able to assess, manage and advise you so that you can get on and continue to enjoy life.

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Highly recomended.,Following a serious knee injury I incurred while playing sport I decided to try and find a decent physiotherapist.

Julia was recomended to me by a friend and has been brilliant during the sessions I have had with her. Julia gave me a detailed and personally tailored plan in order to advance my recovery and progress.

Anyone looking for a professional, reasonably priced physio should give advance physio a go.

Jason H

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