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Physiotherapy For Chronic Pain

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Physiotherapy For Chronic Pain

Do You Suffer With Chronic Pain? We Offer Expert Help & Relief

Chronic pain isn’t always visible. People experiencing persistent (chronic) pain attempt to lead normal lives. This isn’t easy, as pain is both distracting and extremely tiring.

Pain that …

Physiotherapy For Shoulder Pain

Suffer from Shoulder Pain?

Pain in the shoulder region is very common and we have specialist interest in the area. Some shoulder problems can start in the neck and we assess the entire area to establish the origin of …

Physiotherapy For Whiplash

Suffering From Whiplash? We Offer Expert Treatments

Whiplash is a neck injury which occurs if the head is jerked suddenly forwards, backwards or sideways, typically in some car accidents. See for advice on this condition.

At Advance Physio, we …

Tennis Elbow / Golfers Elbow

These conditions are very common with some patients experiencing both conditions at the same time. Upper limb function is affected, particularly gripping with the arm outstretched. Patients often come to us when they find they are unable to play tennis …

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injury, or RSI, is common and usually concerns the upper limb, although similar problems occur in the lower limbs from sporting activities. Our job is to ascertain what tendon is involved, off load it directly and then implement …

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