Advance Physio Solihull

A message for Santa as he gets ready for Christmas

by Advance Physio
December 5th, 2015

Advance Physio, a team so neat
That niggling pain we’re sure to beat.
When Dasher and Dancer have done their damage
We’re a phone call away, your problem we’ll manage!

If Prancer and Vixen are pawing the ground
And your bruise is still sore, raised up in a mound
Fear not, we are here to massage with balm
You’ll quickly be feeling settled and calm.

But Comet and Cupid are out in the rain
Not at all helpful when you’re feeling so lame.
But pick up the phone and book time and date
It’s probably time to manipulate!

Now Donner and Blitzen are so strong and steady
To prance above rooftops, happy and ready.
They have no need, nor time at this juncture
To take to the needle and have acupuncture!

Yes Santa we’re ready to tend to your joints
To soothe all those pains with neat acupoints.
To rub and to strengthen all manner of things
You’ll be leaving our clinic as if you had wings.

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