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‘Cervicogenic headache’ is the term used for headaches caused by a problem within the neck. ‘Tension headache’ is a headache caused by muscle tension, from scalp and neck muscles, and from stress. There are numerous types of headache (see International Classification of Headache Disorders) and the above two are often treatable with physiotherapy. We will thoroughly assess you and the behaviour of your headache, and then examine your neck in detail, looking at how the joints and muscles work and exploring any abnormalities. The information we gain from this, together with the information you give us, will help us to formulate a plan of action. This may involve manual therapy (including joint manipulation or soft tissue massage), specific exercises to do at home, work on reducing neck muscle strain and advice on ways to prevent the onset of these debilitating episodes.


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We have over 50 years of experience working with people, young and old, sporty or less active and with a vast range of physical problems. We can say confidently that we will be able to assess, manage and advise you so that you can get on and continue to enjoy life.

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"I was delighted with the professionalism and friendliness of Advance Physio at Tanworth in Arden. My shoulder was made considerably better buy the attention I received. I liked being treated as an adult with some basic understanding of how the body worked. Informative and never patronising. Everything was done with care and I always felt in very capable hands. Overall, an excellent experience. Thank you."

David W

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