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Highlights of IFOMPT

by Advance Physio
July 18th, 2016

IFOMPT Conference Glasgow. Held every four years in different countries around the globe, Scotland ad the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists were lucky this year to host this conference, representing the best in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. The acronym IFOMPT stands for International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapists. Experts from around the globe gathered in Glasgow to present the latest research findings and to discuss the best management practice for our patients.

Exercise was a key theme, particularly in the management for chronic back pain and also its role in keeping the elderly active and sharp. Much debate was had about the role of manipulative treatments, when they are effective and when they are not. Safety of treatment was also broadly discussed.

Julia attended the last two days and was lucky enough to see the world famous physiotherapist Mr Brian Mulligan, now aged 84, working his magic on various members of the audience. He had been invited to the conference to collect an award for services to musculoskeletal physiotherapy and traveled from New Zealand. One notable ‘patient’ was the sound engineer who mentioned in passing that he had had back pain since age 19. He wasn’t allowed to leave the room and get on with his work until Mr Mulligan had tried his techniques. This 45 year old man said he had tried all forms of therapy and was currently having treatment, but with little success. His spinal movement was limited and painful. He could reach down to his knees and all attempts at stretching back were painful. Mr Mulligan used a technique to create gliding of the spinal segments and the result was rapid and spectacular. The gentleman was able to move freely, stretch up without pain and stand taller. He said his life had changed.

Julia attended a Mulligan course many years ago and incorporates many of the techniques she saw in practice. This session however reinforced how useful they are and will be a distinct part of her treatment in the future.

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