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“Oh you’re a Physio, so you do like, massage and stuff, right??” – Not so much…

by admin
April 6th, 2020

Most people will likely have heard of the term ‘Physiotherapist’, but the majority of people will know very little about the full scope of Physiotherapy as a profession, or realise how vital the Physio role is in the day-to-day functioning of an acute Hospital – let alone during a pandemic.

The most commonly heard-of Physios are the (fabulous) Musculoskeletal (MSK) Outpatient teams, who have specialist skills in assessing and treating all kinds of muscular, bone and joint related conditions and injuries. However, there are huge numbers of (equally as fabulous) Physios working in the Acute Inpatient and Community settings.

You name a ward or speciality – You’ll find a Physiotherapist there, whether it be rehabbing a patient following a stroke, cardiac surgery or an amputation; facilitating recovery following a fall or broken bone, or even whilst receiving dialysis or treatment for cancer; we are there, getting you moving and stronger to the point that you can go home safely.

But our role in Respiratory medicine is of great significance at the moment. Respiratory Physiotherapy involves the treatment and management of patients who have difficulty breathing or clearing secretions from their chest. Working across A&Es, Intensive care and wards throughout the day, we also provide an over-night on-call service, offering emergency treatment for patients who deteriorate out of normal working hours.

As a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic, Physios all around the UK are having to be extremely flexible and responsive to the needs of their Organisation, with many working outside of their usual area or department. Meanwhile, the number of critically ill affected patients requiring chest Physiotherapy is continually increasing, meaning that many Physios are willingly spending much of their time in direct contact with the virus in attempt to help save as many lives as possible.

So to all our fellow Physios out there, keep up the great work! You are LEGENDS!

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