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We’re using Microcurrents at Advance Physio!

by Advance Physio
April 23rd, 2016

As ‘manual therapists’, we’re good at using our hands to feel for tissue or joint abnormalities and then using manual treatments to rectify the problem. In most cases, this works really well, but with some patients, the problem is more difficult to resolve, requiring more treatment over longer periods to optimize recovery. Electrotherapy is recognized as part of most physiotherapists’ toolkit, but the research evidence behind much of it is limited. Yet is a well known fact that bioelectricity is a part of every living cell, that it is essential in the maintenance of optimal tissue function and that it is affected in instances of tissue damage.

We’ve recently been trained in the use and application of Microcurrents and are seeing substantially better responses in our patients when Microcurrent therapy is applied in addition to manual therapy. In particular, older patients and those with chronic conditions seem to benefit most. They experience significant pain relief, and while this is an important benefit from Microcurrent therapy, it also represents enhanced healing, due to improved microcurrent circulation within the tissues.

The unit we use is called Painmaster and is applied via a tiny unit consisting of two electrodes attached via a short cable with an integral battery. Patients purchase the unit and then wear it 24hours a day for at least 3 days. A possible side effect is potential skin irritation at the electrode sites, but we have come across this only twice after issuing over 40 units. It is easily rectifiable by moving the electrodes slightly and limiting use to night time only. The patient feels absolutely nothing when the unit is insitu, but will know the unit is working because the tiny light will flash. It is not like TENS which bombards the nervous system with impulses and can be irritating in its own right. This treatment is harmless, painless and very effective in the right situations!

Please visit the Microcurrent site for further details: and contact us if you would like more information.

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